Reach For The Stars…

I have recently had the pleasure of creating a roof garden in Puglia,Italy. The villa has a large flat roof, with views reaching out across a valley filled with olive groves, trulli and cypress trees. The brief was to create a stylish seating area where friends and family could relax and enjoy the roof’s far […]

Breathtaking but declining!

There was once a natural wildflower meadow in every parish – today only 3% of the meadows that existed in the 1930’s remain. We have lost 7.5 million acres of wildflower meadows and they continue to be destroyed. Species-rich grasslands only covers 1% of the UK’s land area. The meadow does not just have visual […]

Robin aka ‘Fred’!

As a child I remember my mother pottering  around the flower beds in our family garden in Wimbledon. I would kneel beside her watching her magic fingers carefully placing another plant or seed into its new home. My ‘important job’ was patting down the surrounding soil. A few weeks later, a beautiful flower or herb […]

The benefits of a beautiful garden

In the age of COVID-19  and social distancing, there’s never been a better time and bigger need, for the benefits of having access to nature. Gardening has been found to be so beneficial to mental health, that horticultural therapy sessions have been developed to help treat patients with depression and other mental illnesses. Most of […]

A Volunteer’s Perspective

It started out as a small idea. Some might say I was at a crossroads in my life; not so much a midlife crisis but more the need to do something that would be creative, fulfilling, and productive.  A new career as a Garden Designer. It would be all about planting and making gardens look […]