Breathtaking but declining!

There was once a natural wildflower meadow in every parish – today only 3% of the meadows that existed in the 1930’s remain. We have lost 7.5 million acres of wildflower meadows and they continue to be destroyed. Species-rich grasslands only covers 1% of the UK’s land area. The meadow does not just have visual value, giving a sense of peace and well being, but are vital to a 150 difference species of flower and grass that support a myriad of insects from bees and beetles to grasshopper and butterflies, which in turn support many small animals and birds. From a climate viewpoint, they help mitigate flooding by holding on to rain water and capture vast amounts of carbon. Having a meadow near by has benefits to your garden too. Fruit trees have stronger blooms and your flower beds will thank you too, thanks to the pollinators attracted by the meadow. For many the memories of meadows in the UK are nostalgic, a time gone past and this should not be the case.

The current and future generations need to have the option to experience the joy of a beautiful meadow before it’s too late!

National Meadow Day 2021

National Meadows Day will take place on Saturday, 4 July. There will be an annual celebration of wildflower meadows across the UK. Due to the current coronavirus situation there are no public events taking place this year. However, you can still celebrate by sharing photos, pictures and paintings of wildflowers near you – whether in a real-life meadow or in the sanctity of your lawn! – using the hashtag #NationalMeadowsDay. Those shared on Instagram could even be included on a special “Rainbow of Wild Flowers” to say Happy Birthday to the NHS the very next day!

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